Commenting, Submitting, Being a Guest, or Volunteering

Questions & comments

We’re open to your feedback and suggestions.  If you liked something, hated something, or there’s a topic you’d like to have us cover, write us at or call the Like Line.  Like Line messages might get played on the show!

Photo by Melody Gutierrez, shared with a Creative Commons license.


We want submissions of short, true stories or documentaries about like, love, lust, or the opposites of those things. Send us a one-paragraph pitch or completed piece to ilikeyoupodcast@gmail.comAttachments should be no more than 20 MB in size!* Final stories should be 5 to 10 minutes long, though on occasion we’ll accept longer pieces. We’re open to various styles, but in general, we like relatively straightforward story-telling with concrete descriptions of events and some reflection on their significance. Sexy content can be good, but we probably won’t go for stories that are super explicit. Finally, if you have music in your piece, make sure to have a second version without music too.  We might ask for it at some point, so we can tinker with soundtracks ourselves.

*If your file is bigger than 20 MB, we can use a file-transfer service instead.

Being a guest on the show

Some stories are better shared in conversation.  If you have a story you’d like to be interviewed about, write us and tell us a bit about it. Things to keep in mind:

  1. Interviews are usually 1 hour long, and the final cut is between 10 and 30 minutes, so your story will need to take more than a minute to tell, even if that one minute is shocking and/or hilarious.
  2. Tell us about real stuff that happened to you.  Some people are fascinating enough that just hearing their musings about life can make for good entertainment, but most of us mortals rely on the description of events.
  3. Self-reflection is good too!  How did you feel about what happened?  How do you feel now? What do you want other people to learn from what happened?  Profound revelations are not required.

We conduct interviews in person for those living in Toronto or through Skype for those living elsewhere.


Are you a techy or administrative nerd?  Do you like making transcripts of unedited interviews?  Arranging files and making spreadsheets?  Editing episodes?  We might want you to help us!  We’re a bit nervous about sharing these responsibility with anyone else, but if you seem really capable (at least as much as we are) and responsible, and you live in Toronto, we’ll possibly/maybe invite you into our podcasting bubble.  It’s magical inside.