#100: I Liked You

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JP & Elah

It’s time to say goodbye.

JP has moved to Peterborough, Elah to New York, but months ago, we got together in Toronto one last time to record this.

Thank you to all the listeners who have stuck with us for four years, and the many kind words you’ve sent our way.

We like you.


Find JP on Twitter @jpdd, Elah is @elahfeder, and our joint email is still ilikeyoupodcast@gmail.com.



Note from Elah:

Since this episode was recorded, my step-father, Amos, passed away. I miss him. And I’m glad I had the chance to record him for I Like You, once to argue that same-sex companionship is where it’s at and in the seniors on love episode. Hearing his voice is the closest I feel to having him around, even more than his photos. So that’s one more lesson I’ve learned from I Like You: Record the people you love if they’ll let you.

2 Comments so far...

  1. I am very sad at knowing this is the last podcast you two will be recording. You have helped me through some very rough patches and gotten me to where I am. Thank you for your wonderful work my friends, if I may call you that. Wish you all the best in the future !

  2. Aww, thanks deep! It warms our cold Canadian hearts to read those words 🙂

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