#97: Sex and the Researcher

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me and paulina

This week, we learn about circumcision and find out what it’s like to work in a sex lab. What’s the room like? Does it get awkward, or does the lab coat give you magical protections from social unease? Two sex researchers take us behind the curtain.

Okay, here’s the controversial part. Jenn Bossio talks to us specifically about her research on circumcision. She’s trying to find out what, if anything, circumcision does to penises. Does it affect their arousal patterns, the way blood flows through the penis when its attached human gets turned on? Do they become super sensitive penises? Or does all that neonatal pain make them numb to the world? Important questions for anyone interested in the ethics of circumcision. We take a stand. Let us know if it angers you or if you’re on board!

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Lillix – Dance Alone
Star & Micey – So Much Pain
Jill Barber – Chances
Israel Singers – Hava Nagila Hora Medley

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  1. John Leschinski says:

    Interesting to hear how flawed the pro-circumcision STI study was, considering it’s brought up all the time to justify the practice.

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