#95: Sex and Disability

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17 years ago, doctors found a benign tumour in John Killacky’s spine. They told him he would be out of the hospital in a few days and have a sore neck for a month, but when he woke up he was paralyzed from the neck down. We speak to John,  as well as Andrew Morrison-Gurza,  about sex, disability, and feeling wanted.

I interviewed Andrew and John originally for this piece in Xtra. The beautiful picture of Andrew (above) was the work of photographer N Maxwell Lander, commissioned by Xtra. As for the article, I wasn’t totally happy with the way it turned out. I was trying so hard to be a “good ally” that it ended up angry and ranty in a way that my interviewees themselves were not – which is why it’s nice to give them a chance to speak for themselves.


Sean Jones – No Need For Words

This Will Destroy You – Quiet

Joan Chamorro & Andrea Motis – Feeling Good

Marie-Andree Ostiguy – Valse in D Flat Major – Minute, Op. 64 #1 en Re bemol majeur

Joan Chamorro & Andrea Motis – Moon River

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