#88: One More Thing

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Carol’s boyfriend chose a very bad day to break up with her. We discuss whether it’s okay to be a little bit cruel when you end a relationship. Local girlfriend and snail lover Sonal P. weighs in.

This graph shows break-up frequency over the calendar year, based on Facebook status changes. Seems most people agree Christmas really is a bad time, while Valentine’s Day is kinda okay. Sadly, this can’t tell us if there’s any consensus on the birthday dump. Your thoughts?

Music this week:

“Hang on Little Tomato” by Pink Martini

“Jungle Love” by Matt Hirt

“Baby Baby I Should Have Known” by Jimmy & The Rackets

Image by Photochiel, creative commons, on Flickr.


4 Comments so far...

  1. Hey Elah and JP
    Really like your podcast and a bit disappointed that they’re not as regularly scheduled as I would like! So there’s a little scolding for you guys so you can strap on your boots and get going with the next one 🙂 But seriously I love the interviews you’ve done, and your interesting perspectives on life, dating and relationships and you’re a good laugh too. I’m a fairly new listener but have quickly listened to most of the episodes already! I’d say some of my faves have probably been the one about ethnicity, your discussion about why people like people who aren’t into them, and the “gay talk” episode, among others. So yeah, a bit of encouragement for you crazy kidz and hope things are going well with you guys! I also have a crazy relationship/break up story that you might be interested in, perhaps email me and I’ll give you some of the details. Cheerybye xo

  2. JP you are fully absolved of all knitted scarf guilt! Any knitter worth his or her salt knows full well that there is a curse! A well documented curse about knitting for a SO. You do not knit for a SO unless you are married, co-habitating, or have been dating for well over a year! It will result in a break up, generally well before said knitted article is finished. You just don’t do it! Your X was playing with fire and she knew it!
    Love the pod-cast!!

  3. Thanks Kelsey! We really do need a kick in the ass, so your scolding is much appreciated. I think our problem is that we decided our episodes should be interesting. It was so much easier when we first started and thought no one was listening. We could just yammer for an hour, cut out the ums, and call it radio. But YES, we’re on it, and we have some good leads for new episodes. I’ll email you stat for that story.

  4. Thanks Jill! That’s a huge weight off my shoulders! 🙂

    Who knew knitting was so powerful? And as Spider-Man (a knitter of sorts himself) taught us, with great power comes great responsibility.

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