#85: Seniors On Love

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Imma and Amos in NYC

I asked four elders in my family what they wish they’d know about love and relationships when they were younger. Mostly they ignored my questions and freestyled it, but their answers were insightful nonetheless. And sweet and blunt.

TO CAIT’S MOM: Severe cussing warning for the end of this one. Stop when the Elvis cover starts.

Thanks to Dominadora, AK Listens, Dragonsdream and Kevin Luu for the kind reviews and support.

Music this week by Abigail Clarke, as well as the songs below courtesy of IODA. You can download them for free, no logins or strings attached, by clicking the download links below. This might be your last chance to get all these MP3s for free because the service is shutting down! NB: We make no money on this. We just like this music and want to share it.

[NOTE: Unfortunately our music provider was acquired by another company, and they no longer offer free mp3 downloads. Below are the tracks used in this week’s show.]

  • Marc Ribot “Delancey Waltz”
  • Jimmy & The Rackets “Black Eyes”
  • Liberace “The Love Nest”
  • Vince Hill “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

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