#75: Start to Finish

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This week we have four short stories from fantastic contributors. They all have to do with the beginning, middle, and/or end of a relationship. Huge thanks to Dave Pickering, Jonathan Harris, Whitney Jones, and Dave Huth for letting us use their stories on the show. Also thanks to Cowbird – a great storytelling site where three of this week’s stories were originally published.

Original links to contributor’s stories:

Jen by Dave Pickering (in GBA Podcast #1)

Something Worth Waiting For by Jonathan Harris

First Love and 27 Other Firsts by Whitney Jones

Metamorphosis by Dave Huth

Theme music as always by Drew Danburry, additional music by Abigail Clarke and:

[NOTE: Unfortunately our music provider was acquired by another company, and they no longer offer free mp3 downloads. Below are the tracks used in this week’s show.]

  • General Elektriks “Facing That Void”
  • General Elektriks “Raid the Radio”
  • The Reign of Kindo “Nightingale”
  • ApSci “Crazy Crazy Insane”
  • Kishi Bashi “Bright Whites”

4 Comments so far...

  1. i had a real problem with the ‘something worth waiting for’ story… i really wish there had been some sort of disclaimer or at least acknowledgement of the fact that shoving a woman into a wall and terrorizing her into giving into you (followed by what would best be described as stalker behavior) is not the kind of action we should encourage in young gentlemen. i am so so sick of having men convinced that they can ‘romance’ their way into the hearts of women by aggressive tactics, and though i know it is a story that we have thrown at us over and over again by rom-coms and so on, i wasn’t happy to be hearing it on your podcast. i realize the story is a ‘love story’ about a long marriage and we are meant to feel all warm and fuzzy and isn’t that sweet. but i felt sick to my stomach listening to it, and came out hating both the narrator and the man it was about. maybe they were very much in love and happy. maybe. i also believe it is possible (especially given the time in which the romance occurred) that the woman didn’t have much power or choice in this love… that maybe she feared her partner. maybe her parents were heavy-handed in making the romance happen. who knows. i’m just ragey and queasy after listening, and thought i’d say as much.

  2. Hi Erin,

    Thanks sharing your reaction. I had some misgivings about parts of the story too, but decided to include it because I like it. I hope our listeners won’t take it as advice or some sort of acceptable norm. That certainly wasn’t the intention. I hope our audience already knows this but I’m glad you brought it up.

  3. Thanks for writing Erin. I’ve got issues with this one too. People hear these kinds of stories and think this is sanctioned behaviour (hopefully not sanctioned by us, as JP said), and that aggression and persistence in the face of rejection are just the start of a great romance instead of TERRIFYING and illegal. There are parts of this story that are really sweet and moving, but tainted by what precedes them. JP & I are talking about how to address this.

  4. Ok, after some consideration Elah and I decided to amend the episode with a disclaimer off the top. I messed up the narration originally, so hopefully this sets things right. Thanks for the heads-up Erin!

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