#65: Tell Me Everything

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Janet had been seeing Aaron for a few weeks, and she knew she couldn’t wait much longer to tell him. They had fallen for each other fast, and it seemed like things would only get better – but how would Aaron react when she told him she was transgender?

This week we talked to Janet and Aaron about their love (a story so goddamn sweet it gave us goosebumps) and about going public.

Learn more about Janet and her upcoming memoir at janetmock.com or listen to Janet and Aaron be sickeningly cute (good sick) on their podcast, The Missing Piece.

Music this week by Madrid (Ulrich Schnauss remix of “Out To Sea”, though watch the video of the original too). Additional songs by:

[NOTE: Unfortunately our music provider was acquired by another company, and they no longer offer free mp3 downloads. Below are the tracks used in this week’s show.]

  • Blondfire “Pretty Young Thing”
  • Angel Miller “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
  • Allo Darlin’ “My Heart is a Drummer”

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  1. Olga Rojo says:

    janet is very brave.

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