#61: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Lab Rats

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How do you make a good impression online? More precisely, how do you avoid triggering the wrath of your fellow internet daters, people who are set off by such seemingly harmless phrases as “down to earth” and “likes to laugh”? With help from friends, family and the irritable people of the web, JP and Elah give you tips for how NOT to make an online profile. If you squint really hard and think in metaphors, these are good tips for life too.

Thanks to everyone who contributed pet peeves and the talented voice actors who read them.

Music this week by Abigail Clarke and…

[NOTE: Unfortunately our music provider was acquired by another company, and they no longer offer free mp3 downloads. Below are the tracks used in this week’s show.]

  • Hafdis Huld “Robot Robot”
  • JReign “Just a Text”
  • Collection Get “I Know”
  • Elliott Smith “Needle In The Hay”

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