#56: Bi-ology

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Two curious monosexuals journey into the strange and wonderful world of people who are attracted to men and women. BOTH OF THEM. (Not necessarily at the same time though.) After hearing our Gay Talk episode, our friend and historian, Anna, decided we might learn a thing or two about the bisexual way and she patiently submitted to an hour long interrogation. We report back with our astonishing findings.

Show notes:

  • For some people, bisexuality means they are attracted to more than one gender, not necessarily just men and women.
  • We mention a widely reported 2005 study which allegedly refuted the existence of bisexuality in men. Before you take it too seriously, consider that a) it had a tiny sample size, b) people who identify as bisexual might feel exclusive attraction to one gender some of the time, so measuring their attraction at just one point in their lives might not reveal their bisexuality, and c) attraction is not synonymous with having an erection (thankfully). CBS gave a nice quick overview of the study and some criticisms.

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Marc Ribot – “Delancey Waltz”
Starfucker – “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”

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  1. Best guest ever! ^_-

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