#43: Valentimes

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re lucky to be sharing this very special edition of our show with two contributors:

First up we have former guest Jenn‘s tribute to Valentine’s Day, the most wonderful day of the year (allegedly).

Later, former contributor Bendan Fitzgerald shares the story of musicians Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule, who play a special show every Valentine’s Day, and are generally just kinda great together.

Theme music by Drew Danburry, all other music this week by Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule.

4 Comments so far...

  1. I love you guys. I look forward to every release. That being said, I have decided to volunteer my OKCupid Profile for dissection. I figure my dating can’t possibly get any worse (read zero dates). So why not a profile make-over or at least a good laugh! Send me an email and I will send you my OK Cupid name.

  2. In Charlottesville says:

    When I first met him, the man who would become by beau gave me Paul Curreri’s song “California.” It sounded like how I felt: full of longing but hopeful, dreaming but wide awake.

    It’s the second video down on this page: http://paulcurreri.com/othershit/video/index.htm

  3. […] Interview with Paul Curreri & Devon Sproule for the “Valentimes” episode […]

  4. […] In 2011, I interviewed musicians Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule for the excellent I Like You podcast. Paul and Devon spoke about their annual (and essential) Valentine’s Day show, the most scandalous moment in Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia,” and how songs help people navigate love. Additionally, Paul plays the melody for Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting.” Listen to the podcast here. […]

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