#37: Just Friends

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The dreaded friend zone!  Meredith shares a story about her years of friendly frustration and how she managed to escape.

Show notes:

  • See more from Meredith at overthinkingmom.com.
  • Elah’s mom drops by to tell us what she doesn’t think of the show.

Extra music this week from:

[NOTE: Unfortunately our music provider was acquired by another company, and they no longer offer free mp3 downloads. Below are the tracks used in this week’s show.]

  • Akiko Moriyako “Sublime”
  • Les Shelleys “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise”
  • Marc Ribot “Delancey Waltz”
  • Allo Darlin’ “If Loneliness Was Art”
  • Mo-Tunes “Come See About Me”

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