#30: My Old Man

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This episode has been removed.

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  1. you two are great! keep up the good work!

  2. I want to thank you guys for featuring this week’s episode. I’m in the same boat as Jenn (at least not separated) – the 17 yr age gap/i-want-children issue minus the i need space notes. we just say it out loud. him more than me. sometimes I do feel the age gap bit too much ..but i don’t let that get in the way of our relationship…as rest of our relationship is fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything less. well it was good to hear from Jenn and relate to someone who was going through the same things as me. Jenn you are awesome. I don’t know how you had the courage to leave…but cheers to you. Hope you find someone in the near future, who loves you just as much.

  3. this was a good show but its not fair to demonize him for needing space and what not. its not completely abnormal to need a couple of days or a day when youve been together for 10YEARS!!!! ever heard of guys/girls weekends? dont be so clingy. if youre not happy its YOUR responsibility to leave.

  4. (hit send too soon)
    Ive been married a long time and yes we both need space sometimes. he is the LOVE OF MY LIFE, but hey we are still individuals.
    So sorry that her first major relationship was so complicated. At least now she knows what shes’s really willing to put up with and what she wont tolerate. Hope she finds unslfish and understanding love and rememeber that people need to just be people. Be a team but remember that there wouldnt be a team with out the seperate individuals 🙂 dont mean to sound harsh if i do 🙁

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