#18: Laura May’s Sexy Diary

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Are you ready to take a super-sexy steamy sensual and slightly sleazy trip with us?  Join us as we talk to erotic podcaster Laura May of Laura May Diaries.

Show Notes:

  • Thanks to Laura May for being our awesome guest.
  • Laura says her favourite chapters of her diary are 10,11 and 13.
  • Music by Laura May, Gareth Auden-Hole and Drew Danburry.
  • This week we recommend you sign up for a FREE trial of Audible.com and pick up a FREE copy of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem by Jillian Lauren.  You can also choose any book from their library of over 75,000 by visiting audiblepodcast.com/ilikeyou

4 Comments so far...

  1. http://ilikeyoupodcast.com/2010/08/18-laura-mays-sexy-diary/

  2. […] You can listen to the interview here. […]

  3. Hi Laura. Just wanted to thank you for your podcasts.
    I love my dick – he is my best friend and my favorite body part.
    We have a beautiful relationship – I keep him clean and happy and
    he, in return, gives me pleasure and satisfaction.
    i like sex so much.
    send me your new stories ,ok?


  4. Hey Weijb,
    If you’d like to leave a comment for Laura, you’ll need to go to her website: lauramaydiaries.com. We have a separate podcast, and just interviewed her for this episode.

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