#16: Open Relationships

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JP and I sometimes have trouble getting even one person to date us (each), so we were pretty fascinated with the idea of dating multiple people simultaneously. Luckily, we had Kasha to answer our questions about open relationships.

Sample questions:

  • What are the rules?  What are your limits?
  • So your girlfriend got married – how does that affect your relationship?
  • Can someone cheat in an open relationship?
  • What makes some (but not most!) poly people so annoying?
  • Are Elah and JP’s questions annoying? (possibly)

If you want to learn more about open relationships, Kasha strongly recommends Opening Up by Tristan Taormino. And for a cautionary tale, Elah recommends Eclipse: Twilight Saga Book 3, a modern monogamy tragedy, which you can get as an audiobook here.

Finally, since we weren’t able to squeeze in a lot of our Q&A, we may be bringing you a blog post from Kasha in the near future! In the meantime, you can follow her tweetings at twitter.com/pushygalor.

This week’s music was provided by Abigail Clarke (piano pieces) and Drew Danburry.

2 Comments so far...

  1. RT @ilikeyoupodcast: Learn all about open relationships on this week's I Like You podcast: http://j.mp/a5c7Kw

  2. This podcast was super helpful and encouraging to me. My long-term partner and i opened our relationship a year ago. Living here in a small upstate new york town, where 99.9% of people either have never heard of the terms ‘open relationship’ and ‘non-monogamy’, or they are aware of these terms and feel dirty & condemned for even hearing them spoken, it was very nice to feel that we are not total weirdos. To hear Kasha’s deep honesty and mature self-awareness of infinite nuances involved in such relationship webs was both reassuring and insightful. Just because you are in an open relationship, does not mean that there is no jealousy. Just because there is jealousy does not mean that this emotion must own you. Just because you are jealous today, does not mean that you will always struggle in that way. It was helpful to hear about situations where different partner’s significance to one another vary. Its okay to fall in love with someone and consider them your primary partner, even though that person is married.
    It was all very interesting. Thank you to all of you for sharing…..I would love to hear another future show that deals with these situations– the spices of life….

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