#15: Generation Gap

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This week we interview a 60-year old woman and a 6-year old boy to see what common ground they have when it comes to dating and relationships – if any.

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  1. Great show!
    Just to let you know, the How To Be Awesome episode that you two appeared on is one of our least listened to episodes and we were kicking your butts long before that, but nice theory 😉

  2. Theories can come true… it could happen to you… if you’re young at heart…

    Now here is the best part,
    we’ve got a head start.

    Soon we’ll be jumping up the iTunes chart!

  3. I concur (with JP).

  4. (Admittedly Sondra’s argument is awesome…)

  5. RT @jpdd: Hooray! @ilikeyoupodcast Episode 15: "Generation Gap" is done! http://goo.gl/fb/QZaQO

  6. Thanks Elah 🙂 You are worthy adversaries.

  7. I liked hearing this episode Sebastien was adorable! And I really liked hearing what Elah’s mom said. You guys should post a picture of every guest that gets interviewed.

  8. Thanks Maria! So many of our guests request at least partial anonymity that I’m not sure they’d be willing to pose for a photo – but maybe we’ll give it a shot with those who are willing!

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