#14: Love Ruins Everything

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After some complaints (one) that being in relationships has ruined our credibility as show hosts, JP and I decided to dedicate a show to the destructive force that is love.  What we found in these stories was not so much love, as love’s evil doppelganger, but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Show notes:

  • JP’s girlfriend, Sondra, tells us how the l-word ruined an old relationship.
  • Love ruins break-ups too! Sondra explains how lingering feelings made her ex cyber-stalk her.
  • Elah’s step-father proposes an alternative to romantic love. He seems to have given this a disturbing amount of thought.

Thanks to Abigail Clarke for music contributions and Drew Danburry for our theme song (vote to let us know what you think of it).

Finally, Sondra has a podcast too!  It’s called How to Be Awesome. You can find it at awesomepodcast.com. (this episode features JP and Elah!)

6 Comments so far...

  1. I Like You says:

    I Like You • #14: Love Ruins Everything http://goo.gl/fb/YYCPW #blog

  2. Love the podcast – listen to it all the time at work. I’m always laughing out loud while my coworkers glance at me awkwardly. Just wondering though – do you know the titles of the songs in this podcast? (Especially the one during Elah’s interview with her step-father) Or anyway I could find out?

  3. That would be Abby Clarke’s music! I don’t have the names of each of the songs – other than mysterious “track 15” type titles – or know whether she’s selling them these days, but I’ve attempted to track her down in her New Zealand hideaway to get the details. We’ll keep you posted!

  4. I was listening to this the other day and got into a huge car accident.. It kept playing even after the airbags in my car deployed and I was checkin’ to see if I was still in one piece. I just really wanted to tell you that, carry on.

  5. Wow! Hope you’re ok!

  6. Oh no! Are you hurt? (was it something we said?)

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