#9: Guy Talk

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This week is all about guys who like girls – Elah was permitted to stick around though since technically it’s her show too.

Show Notes:

  • Thanks to guests Mike and Josh!
  • Music by Drew Danburry (he’s got a new album!), Sandra Taylor and Gareth Auden-Hole.
  • How to be Awesome is a great new podcast by our friends Sondra and Kim.
  • Apologies for the lateness of this episode!  We’ll likely switch to releasing them later in the week from now on since the Monday release is always a bit of a scramble.

Action Items:

  • Ladies: tell us about your experience asking out a fella – if you’ve never done that, do it today! [as Elah quite rightly points out in the comments, this action should have been directed toward “straight ladies”.  Gay ladies: don’t ask a fella out – nobody likes a tease.]
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One Comment so far...

  1. JP, in penance for your raging heterosexism, you too must ask out a fella today, and tell us how it went next week! And remember to follow through. No one likes a tease.

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