#7: Dangerous Liaisons

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This week we explore whether dating (especially online) is as dangerous as moms think it is.

Show notes:

– Tips for safe dating from http://www.saferonlinedating.org/tips

– Scariest ever profile review. We’d give you the link, but Elah fears retribution.  All details provided in the show.

– Our friend fondly remembers the charms of Serial Killer Trevor

3 Comments so far...

  1. Azusa Nakamura says:

    Hey JP just make your awkward first dates “never how” in your gmail optioms then they will Never show

  2. Azusa Nakamura says:

    Never Show that is

  3. True enough, it just sucks that there’s an extra step involved in avoiding awkwardly running into people I’ve been on dates with. I prefer to develop an entirely new identity for each person I date, that way if things don’t work out all I have to do is trash a cellphone, delete an email account and toss out a latex mask and/or wig.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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