#6: Trust, But Verify

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How honest are you in your online dating profile? Are you really that young? Is it even you in those pictures?  In this episode, we take an innocent peek at the misrepresentations, fibs and outright lies we all perpetrate when we’re looking for like.

Show Notes:

  • Two guests back by popular demand: Elah’s mom and slave-master David.
  • Thanks again to Gareth Auden-Hole and Drew Danburry for providing the excellent music heard throughout the show.

Action Items:

Thanks for listening!

11 Comments so far...

  1. Elah was asking about future show topics and you kind of touched on cyber stalking in this episode, so maybe that’s something that could be developed into an episode.

    Also, I felt like this week’s episode was too short. It didn’t eat up enough of my time while I was doing tedious office tasks. I also kind of thought there was maybe a bit too much music.

  2. Yeah, cyber stalking would make a good episode! Wanna come on and talk about your experience of being brutally cyber stalked by the host of an extremely successful podcast that has just the right amount of music? We’d have to find someone else to talk about the negative side though, since that sounds just lovely.

    Re: length, I agree comepletely, when I’ve got a mountain of dishes to do 20mins just isn’t enough! Elah has threatened to hurt me if I ever make another 40 minute show though, so I’ll aim for 39 next time.

  3. Yeah, I’d love to come on and talk about my pleasant cyber stalking experience. I wrote an article about it today (I do actually work, I swear), but you’ve probably already read it.

  4. You wrote no such article, my cyber spies would certainly have picked that up.

  5. You’re really slacking in your stalking duties. I’m hurt.

  6. Ok I found a draft copy on your hard drive along with some very interesting photos. You should really consider getting a firewall program of some sort.

  7. Firewall…where’s the fun in that?

  8. arrggg… Get a room! Shut. It. Down.

  9. it was too short! i want moooooooooooore.

    also: i think the purely instrumental interludes were sometimes (maybe 2/4 of the usages?) a bit awkward. just sayin.

    i want more of your sexy voices, clearly.

    nah, i just like the show.

  10. weird, it totally deleted my “awkward moment of self-reflection” comment between the last two sentences. now I just sound insulting.

    you do have rather lovely voices, though.

  11. HOW DARE YOU!!!

    Oh sorry, just saw that second post…

    Was your introspection in funky brackets of some sort? Would help track down the issue.

    Anyway, thanks for your support of our lovely voices and longer episodes – together we can overthrow the elvil Elah and her iron-fisted short-episode regime!

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